Writing Pedagogy Consultations

The Writing Institute is pleased to announce one-on-one Writing Pedagogy Consultations in support of faculty planning writing intensive courses. Some potential topics of conversation could include:

  • Brainstorming for a new (or new to you) writing intensive course plan
  • Workshopping drafted materials such as workshop plans or writing assignment prompts
  • Scaffolding writing projects from low-stakes early writings through polished revisions and final introductions/reflections
  • Rethinking previously taught activities/assignments for improved outcomes (e.g. peer review, writing workshops, writing groups, etc.)
  • Strategies for inviting students’ experiences and expertise into their writing projects
  • A topic of your choosing related to how you teach writing in your course(s)

These conversations will work best if you have one element you want to discuss (e.g. an assignment sequence, activity, etc.) or a specific question (e.g. "how do I improve peer review?") to focus the session. Multiple sessions may be necessary if you would like to discuss multiple topics.

To see our available hours and book a session, visit our Calender. If you do not see any appointments available, they are either fully booked or we are not offering consultations at this time. Note: we tend to offer consultation hours in the second half of the fall and spring terms, and over June and July during the summer.

Questions? Comments? Contact Moriah Kirdy at moriah.kirdy@pitt.edu or Jennifer Keating at jennifer.keating@pitt.edu.