Series on Writers and Disabilities

This academic year, the Writing Institute will offer a series of workshops and talks on writers and disabilities: Creating a Culture of Access: A Workshop Series for Writers with Disabilities. The overarching aim of this workshop series is to foster a culture of access through writing, an activity that is shared among academic disciplines across the university, at every level of instruction and scholarship. In each of the scheduled sessions, we will engage in discussions and activities where we will learn and share strategies for writing and writing instruction that include accommodation as only one of many vectors of disability inclusion.

All events will be on Zoom. If you register now, you will be notified with Zoom details for each monthly event. Register here:

Postponed (we'll announce a new date as soon as we can): The next workshop will focus on Navigating the Writing Process: Methods and Strategies. In this workshop, we will review three writing process models. We will then identify scaffolding strategies and effective interventions at each of the relevant stages. We will also explore a set of strategies designed particularly for writers who have difficulty with executive function, self-regulation skills that enable us to focus, plan, remember, and juggle simultaneous tasks. 

Later workshops will explore these topics:

  • Writing in Multiple Modalities;
  • Using Assistive Technologies to Write;
  • Writing with Anxiety; and
  • Writing with Autism.

The workshops will be facilitated by Sarah Hakimzadeh, J.D., Ph.D., Postdoctoral Associate, William S. Dietrich II Institute for Writing Excellence. Guest speakers will join some sessions.