Workshop in Composition

Some students choose to take Workshop in Composition followed by Seminar in Composition. This is a two-course sequence. What you learn about writing in one course will be further developed in the second course, though the course content is typically not connected and you will likely have a different teacher and classmates. Students in this two-course sequence typically take Workshop in Composition in Fall Term and Seminar in Composition in Spring Term. 

In Workshop in Composition, you can expect to

  • Study the topic of writing as a process
  • Develop stronger personal writing habits and processes
  • Write in response to challenging readings
  • Devote class time mostly to experimentation with writing strategies 
  • Have 15 students in your class

If you felt you may not have thoroughly understood the short reading in teh DSP module , and/or are not confident that your written response meets the requirements for college-level writing, consider Workshop in Composition. Look back over your responses to the questions about your reading/writing experiences. If your responses tend toward the right side of the spectrum, consider Workshop in Composition. 

If you want support as you are working on your writing projects, you can register for ENGCMP 0151 Workshop Tutorial, a two-credit tutorial course that allows you to meet with a faculty consultant in the Writing Center each week. This is a good option if you feel unsure about the writing process or want a reader for your work. It’s also a good option for those who have questions about sentence-level writing issues.

Please note that Workshop in Composition has limited availability and we may not be able to accommodate all requests.

After you complete Workshop in Composition, you will register for a version of Seminar in Composition. 

If you have questions or would like to discuss Workshop in Composition in more detail before making your decision, please email the DSP Team at