Seminar in Composition

Seminar in Composition: If you decide to take Seminar in Composition, you can choose from several courses at the ENGCMP 0200-level. Most incoming Pitt students select one of these courses. If you are a student in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, you also can choose from two FP (First-Year Programs) courses that are equivalent. 

Seminar in Composition (200-level ENGCMP courses and FP 0003 and 0006)

Pitt offers several courses that are considered equivalents of Seminar of Composition (SC), including SC: Education, SC: Film Studies, SC: Topics in Diversity, SC: Service-Learning, SC: Disability Studies, and SC: Gender Studies. 

Students enrolled in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences may choose a First-Year Seminar that fulfills the SC requirement and investigates topics like Fun and Games, Robot Revolution, or many others.

In any course that satisfies the Seminar in Composition requirement, you can expect to

  • Use writing to explore a topic of study
  • Assume independence and confidence in personal writing processes 
  • Write in response to challenging readings
  • Devote class time exploration of writing strategies and essay design
  • Have 19 students in your class

The majority of first-year Pitt students take Seminar in Composition. If you felt you understood the reading quickly and thoroughly and produced a written response that you believe meets the requirements for college-level writing, consider Seminar in Composition. Look back over your responses to the questions about your reading/writing experiences. If your responses tend toward the left side of the spectrum, consider Seminar in Composition. 

If you want support as you are working on your writing projects in SC, you can register for ENGCMP 0201 Composition Tutorial, a one-credit tutorial course that allows you to meet with a faculty consultant in the Writing Center each week. This is a good option if you feel unsure about the writing process or want a reader for your work. It’s also a good option for those who have questions about sentence-level writing issues.

SC is offered under several different course numbers:

  • ENGCMP 0200 Seminar in Composition
  • ENGCMP 0203 Seminar in Composition: Gender Studies
  • ENGCMP 0205 Seminar in Composition: Film
  • ENGCMP 0207 Seminar in Composition: Education
  • ENGCMP 0208 Seminar in Composition: Service-Learning 
  • ENGCMP 0212 Seminar in Composition: Topics in Diversity 
  • ENGCMP 0213 Seminar in Composition: Disability Studies 
  • For Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences first-year students only: FP 0003 First-Year Seminar or FP 0006 (You can browse specific course topics on the First-Year Seminar page.)
  • For students in the Swanson School of Engineering only: ENGCMP 0210 Seminar in Composition: Engineering.