Directed Self-Placement

Because Pitt has decided to offer test-optional admissions, we are offering a directed self-placement (DSP) process to incoming students. 

The DSP module is designed to help you make the best choice about which kind of first-year Composition course is right for you. The module includes a reading and writing activity, a short questionnaire about your experiences with reading and writing, and a review of the course options available to you. Once you begin the module, you must complete it in one sitting, taking no more than 60 to 90 minutes.  

Please click this link to complete the Directed Self-Placement process for Composition.

As you look over the descriptions of the three types of first-year Composition courses, keep in mind they all count for college credit. Here are descriptions of the courses you can choose from to fulfill your first-year Composition requirement:

ENGCMP 0150 Workshop in Composition

ENGCMP 0152 ESL Workshop in Composition

ENGCMP 0200 Seminar in Composition (and variants)

If you have questions or would like to discuss options in more detail before making your decision, please email the DSP Team at