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The Writing Institute offers undergraduates several ways to work on their writing.

Directed Self-Placement

If you are an incoming Pitt student, the directed self-placement process is designed to help you make the best choice about which kind of first-year Composition course is right for you.

Public Communication of Science and Technology

The Writing Institute offers an 18-credit undergraduate certificate in Public Communication of Science and Technology. If you are interested in receiving updates about this certificate, please email writinst@pitt.edu with your request, and we will stay in touch.

Writing Center

Undergraduates can discuss their academic, professional, or creative writing with a trained consultant by going to the Writing Center. You can also attend Writers’ Café or International Café, which offer monthly sessions during the Fall and Spring Terms.

Writing-Intensive Courses

Dietrich School students are asked to take two writing-intensive courses after they complete their Composition requirement. You can find interesting writing-intensive courses across the Dietrich School. Please note that online versions of courses that have been approved as W courses are designed to also satisfy the Writing requirement. 

Here is a handout that explains how you can browse your options in PeopleSoft when you are getting ready to register for classes.