Sarah Hakimzadeh

  • Postdoctoral Associate

Sarah Hakimzadeh is a postdoctoral associate working with the Dietrich Writing Institute to develop resources for writers with disabilities. 

Her research explores and develops rhetorical strategies for working toward social and economic justice on multiple levels of scale. She has written about how to develop more equitable national and international legal frameworks by returning to the idea of the commons codified in the Magna Carta’s Charter of the Forest, the long dormant accompaniment to the Charter of Civil and Political Liberties. 

Sarah’s current work focuses on disability and on composition strategies for students with disabilities. She is particularly interested in how disabled student writers can reshape the rhetorical tradition and how by positing the interdependent disabled subject instead of the sovereign individual as the proper subject of rights, we can cultivate mutual aid in the composition classroom and beyond.

Sarah earned her PhD in Rhetoric and Composition at the University of Pittsburgh. She also holds a JD from the University of Connecticut School of Law, and a BA in English and Comparative Literature from Cornell University.