Graduate Students

The Writing Institute offers several options for graduate students to cultivate a sustainable writing practice, including individual consultations at the Writing Center, Project Camp, Writing Days, and Writing Accountability Groups. We are working on some other ideas, including several workshops. If you are a graduate student and you have ideas about how the Writing Institute might support the writing of you and your peers, please let us know. We are always happy to explore possibilities.

Creating a Sustainable Writing Routine

What are steps you can take to create a writing routine that will serve you well now and in the future?

Project Camp

Project Camp allows graduate students focused writing time for their work, along with some discussion and goal setting. Project Camp is a 5-day program. In May 2023, we will offer an in-person Project Camp. Alumni of Camp are eligible to join Writing Days: a full day of writing (coffee and bagels provided) a couple of times a month (on Saturdays during Fall and Spring Terms, on Fridays during Summer Term).

Project Workshop

Project Workshops are one-day programs that help graduate students explore ways of overcoming resistance to writing and help them engage in short- and long-term planning for their projects. A significant portion of the day will be devoted to actual writing time, so participants should have a project that they are working on independently. 

Writing Accountability Groups

For alumni of Dissertation Camp, we offer Writing Accountability Groups: groups of up to 4 writers plus a facilitator who meet at the same time every week for 12 weeks to write, reflect, and set goals.

Writing Days

Join us for writing days. We meet at the Writing Center, say hello over a bagel and coffee or tea, and write with other people in the room for several hours. Open to any graduate students who are pursuing writing projects for their credentials or for publication and have participated in a one-day Project Workshop or a 5-day Project Camp. Read about writing days.

More Resources for Graduate Students

More resources that can support your writing or support you as a writer.