Faculty Writing Program

The William S. Dietrich II Institute for Writing Excellence welcomes full-time faculty to register for the Fall 2020 Faculty Writing Program (Sept 25-November 20)

Do you benefit from writing alongside others who are also working on writing goals? Do you feel like putting writing days on your schedule will help you stay on task? Are you uncertain, in these uncertain times, how you could possibly make your writing projects a priority in the midst of so many other responsibilities? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, our Faculty Writing Program might benefit you!

The Fall 2020 Faculty Writing Program will kick-off with a Launch Event on September 25 from 10am-12noon. This event will give participants the opportunity to reflect on their writing goals and objectives and to connect with other participants.

This term, we're offering two options to participants: WRITING DAYS and WRITING GROUPS, each with their own benefits in terms of flexibility and/or structure. Participants can register for one or both options! 

Faculty Writing Days (low-to-moderate time commitment, interaction with colleagues only if you desire, little structure):

This option is for faculty members who benefit from writing alongside others and logging their goals, but who need to keep their writing routine flexible. Participants will:

  • “check in” on Teams to articulate and log time and content goals for their writing sessions throughout the week and on Friday Writing Days
  • write together on Zoom on Fridays from 10am to 12 noon EST
  • participate in a session debrief beginning at 11:45 with the session facilitator (optional, though highly encouraged) 
  • drop in and out of the session or miss writing days, as needed

Faculty Writing Groups (low time-commitment, high interaction with colleagues, moderate structure):

This option is for faculty members who want a higher-stakes commitment and accountability-based experience and who want to meet with a consistent group of colleagues each week. Participants will:

  • be put together with other faculty interested in a writing group, with groups of between 3-5 participants (depending on demand)
  • commit to meeting each week at a time of the group’s choosing with the promise of attending all writing group sessions (with the allowance of one or two absences as things come up)
  • have a dedicated channel on the Faculty Writing Program Teams for group members to articulate and log time and content goals for their writing sessions throughout the week
  • meet for a minimum of one hour weekly to establish and discuss goals, write together, share progress, and troubleshoot writing challenges
  • have the option of inviting Moriah Kirdy or Jean Grace to attend a session and facilitate a structured reflection session to discuss, for example, productivity strategies, writing challenges, or some other topic that would benefit the group by way of guidance and support
  • NOTE: Due to the accountability and commitment factor of writing groups, registration for these groups will close on Monday, September 14.

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Complete your registration here.

Questions? Comments? Contact Moriah Kirdy (moriah.kirdy@pitt.edu)