Faculty Writing Program

Do you benefit from writing alongside others who are also working on writing goals? Do you feel like putting writing days on your schedule will help you stay on task? Are you uncertain, in these uncertain times, how you could possibly make your writing projects a priority in the midst of so many other responsibilities? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, our Faculty Writing Program might benefit you! 

Here are a few testimonials from past participants:

One thing that I've loved about this semester is learning from the members of my group, who are from very different experiential and professional backgrounds. Their frameworks of analysis and insight into their work has been revelatory. 

I definitely worked harder on my writing projects at each writing group session than I otherwise would have. It definitely got my project further along more quickly.

The program helped me realize that I can find at least 30 minutes in my schedule every day to work on my writing projects. I found this approach to be really helpful in overcoming the feeling that I didn't have enough time to write and made the entire process much less stressful... During the summer program, I was able to write two complete manuscripts, start to finish!

The Faculty Writing Program offers two options: WRITING DAYS and WRITING GROUPS, each with their own benefits in terms of flexibility and/or structure. Participants can register for one or both options!

Note: due to the pandemic, the Faculty Writing Program currently operates over Zoom.

WRITING DAYS are for faculty members who benefit from writing alongside others and who need to keep their schedule flexible. Writing Days are facilitated by Moriah Kirdy, Associate Director of the Writing Institute.

WRITING GROUPS are for faculty members who benefit from writing alongside others according to a strict commitment and who prefer to meet with the same colleagues each week. Participants in Writing Groups should aim to miss no more than three sessions per term and should be in communication with group members if they have to miss. Writing Groups are self-facilitated.

Both Writing Days and Writing Groups follow the same agenda:

  1. Open the session by establishing goals for the writing time verbally to one another
  2. Writing time in silence (cameras off, but still present in the Zoom session)
  3. Debrief about how writing time went, and set goals for writing time outside of the group for the coming week

Here is a synopsis of the differences and similarities between Writing Days and Writing Groups: 

Facilitated by an expert in Writing Studies YES, sessions facilitated by Moriah Kirdy, Assoc. Director of the Writing Institute NO, groups are self-facilitated
Weekly Commitment NO, sessions are come-when-you-can, leave-when-you-need-to YES, participants attend weekly (members should aim to not miss sessions whenever possible)
Size Variable (typically 6-12 attendees) 4-6 colleagues
Group Composition Variable, but many of the same colleagues return each week The same colleagues each week
Time to Articulate Writing Goals YES, if present at start of session YES
Time to Debrief on Progress and Process YES, if present at end of session YES
Writing Time 1.5 hours 30-45 minutes minimum (depends on group preference)
Option to Exchange Writing NO, focus is on accountability NO, focus is on accountability

Register here for the spring 2023 Faculty Writing Program, by Sept 18

Questions? Comments? Contact Moriah Kirdy (moriah.kirdy@pitt.edu)